Whatever type of commercial building you operate, our findings have confirmed over many years, that in the main HVAC and Building energy Management Systems are not optimised to provide maximum efficiency when it comes to energy. In a typical commercial building 40% of the energy spend is HVAC and 25% of this is typically wasted energy. The opportunity to optimise HVAC and BeMS exists in almost every building, providing a very quick payback period for the organisation paying the energy bills.

We work with End User, Facility Management and Maintenance companies, providing expertise to minimise the wasted energy and ensure that buildings are running as efficiently as they can be without capital expenditure.

Optimised Energy scales with the size of your building and the energy consumed, which is then directly linked to a fee that is paid against savings generated. This gives our clients piece of mind that they are only paying for savings that are actually achieved.

If we are unable to deliver the savings, you don’t pay – it’s that simple!

The Solution

OptimisedEnergy has been developed to ensure that your cost is directly related to the savings we generate, mitigating your risk of non-performance. Regardless of whether your facility has undertaken extensive energy saving initiatives or this would be the first, we are confident that the savings will exist.

We will review the BeMS operation including; time schedules setpoints and control strategies along with any energy consumption data that will help us identify where energy is being wasted. We will also review the physical HVAC plant and identify areas of savings from assets configured incorrectly, equipment in manual and areas that require maintenance or repair. All of which will then be turned into a strategy agreed with the client and documented to get your building back on track.

The Process

  1. Identify a building that you would like to optimise and what the total energy consumption in kWh is for that building over a year
  2. Optimised Buildings generate a proposal and a PO is placed by the client (25% will be invoiced on receipt)
  3. Baseline energy consumption identified for the same months of the previous year for the optimisation proof period
  4. Optimised Buildings engineers identify optimisation opportunities with the HVAC / BeMS . Strategy developed and documented to maximise energy savings (repairs and controls work undertaken directly by client or via Optimised Buildings)
  5. Client agreement of interventions to be implemented
  6. Optimisation period - implement energy saving initiatives, controls changes and any minor equipment repairs
  7. Optimisation proof period of 8 weeks where no other energy projects would be implemented by client or contractors
  8. Savings generated over the 8 week period multiplied up to reflect a 12 month period against metered data
  9. The 75% of the fee to be paid against the savings identified / achieved. No further fee for any additional savings made, beyond what has been identified

Optimised Buildings provides market-leading expertise through products and services that deliver real value to business customers with minimal capital expenditure and a typical ROI in less than 12 months.