The changing dynamics in occupied buildings is a continuous challenge owners and operators face daily, typically impacting on a buildings performance and efficiency. Most clients we speak to are missing an opportunity to optimise their facilities as part of their BeMS maintenance contract. Unfortunately, optimisation is not something that is typically specified by either clients or FM Companies and BeMS maintenance is typically deployed against dated SFG20 or PPM regimes.

The opportunity to improve the efficiency and building performance of HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and their respective BeMS control systems exists in most buildings today. On average 40% of commercial buildings energy spend is consumed by HVAC. Of this, around 20-25% could be saved through no cost / low cost measures if they can be identified. This equates to a potential saving between 8-10% of the total energy spend.

Optimised Buildings are changing the dynamics of traditional BeMS maintenance with Optimised Maintenance. Through a combination of Optimised services incorporating BeMS Maintenance, Analytics, DSM (Demand Side Management), aM&T (automatic Monitoring and Targeting) and Bureau services we are typically able to deliver energy savings that will more than pay for the services in that year.

Transforming BeMS Maintenance from an operational cost into a saving, that pays for itself every year.

We believe that more value can be achieved from an enhanced BeMS Maintenance service that is not a box ticking exercise, but a strategic offering that enhances the occupant comfort while at the same time reducing long term cost for the business.

This proposition is agnostic to the BeMS system installed and as a business we are able to offer such an approach on Trend, Tridium, Cylon, Siemens and Delta. Optimised Maintenance can also be offered on other systems on request.

A suite of services that are tailored to meet your business needs and drive maximum value.

Flexible - Every business has different needs, whether you are an FM, End User, Operator, Tenant or Energy Services Provider, we will tailor our solutions and services to address your operational and contractual needs.

Optimised - Through our suite of optimisation services we can typically pay for the service through energy savings achieved and hopefully put something extra on the bottom line for our clients.

Connected - Technology has allowed to us approach BeMSmaintenance differently. From the options in site connectivity through to the reports we generate, we utilise technology to drive efficiencies and cost savings for our clients.

Experienced - Our team of engineers have many years of experience in the industry that cover a variety of BeMS systems. In addition to BeMS we also provide consultancy, integration and a range of energy services.

Optimised Buildings provides market-leading expertise through products and services that deliver real value to business customers with minimal capital expenditure and a typical ROI in less than 12 months.